We offer a closed-loop dissolving system that can handle any gelling agent or other ingredients to make the sweetest treat or the perfect vitamin. The Makat BLK Rapidsolver is flexible and energy-efficient that ensures product-complaint treatment of all recipe components. The CFA offers flexibility for gravimetric and volumetric dosing and mixing. Every component of the kitchen is equipped with an advanced CIP system making the toughest task of cleaning easy.

Dissolving Unit - Dissolves gelling agents with a variety of different agitators. Two heatable tanks for consistent production and fast dissolving.

Weighing & Dosing - Gravimetric weighing and dosing can integrate a big bag auger conveyor. 

Rapidslover - Dissolving and vacuuming line for gummies and jelly masses. Offers industry-leading heat transfer with a high turbulence heat exchange bundle. This turbulent flow delivers the highest quality, first-in-first-out product.

CFA Station - Offering both gravimetric and volumetric dosing and mixing stations